She’s Got a Plan For ThatA 2019 TIME cover story on Elizabeth Warren’s energetic, but long-shot bid for the White House. 

Those Willing to Lose Everything, I wrote this 2019 special package on global migration, with extraordinary reporting from my TIME colleagues on four continents 

The Saddest Club in America, a feature on the ever-expanding network of parents who have lost children in school shootings. 

Statute-of-Limitation Laws Can Leave Few Choices for Child Sex-Abuse Victims, a 2018 TIME feature on the victims trying to force state legislatures to change their laws 

The Drug Cascade, a 2018 TIME investigation into the pharmaceutical companies that helped drive the opioid crisis. 

Bye, Day, I Love Youa 2018 feature story about the Trump Administration policy removing Obama-era directives to target specific populations for deportation (those convicted of violent crime, for example). 

An 87-year-old Nun Says She Was Raped. Here’s Why She Can’t Sue, a 2017 TIME investigation into the misuse and proliferation of private arbitration clauses. 

Silence Breakers: TIME’s 2017 Person of the Year, reported and written with Charlotte Alter, Eliana Dockterman, Stephanie Zacharek, and Susanna Schrobsdorff, the piece was a Livingston Award finalist. (One of the women, a dishwasher, that we profiled later received a $250,000 settlement.)  

VIDEO: Will the BAT be the Tax That Changes Everything?, a hand-drawn video about a border tax, but I promise it’s actually interesting. 

Dangerous Cases: Laws Designed to Compel Action for Those With Serious Mental Illness are Gaining Traction, a TIME feature on state and local laws attempting to balance civil rights with public safety

Rotten Apples: Silicon Valley Takes On Teacher Tenurea TIME cover story about the small group of Silicon Valley investors trying to end teacher tenure.

King of the Internetan August 2014 TIME magazine story about Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, net neutrality, and the digital pipes that connect us all.

The Corporate Free Speech RacketThe Washington Monthly, Jan/Feb 2014 cover story on how corporations are claiming the First Amendment to evade government regulations. 

The Worst Community College in America, The Washington Monthly, Sept/Oct 2013 College Guide story on the systemic dysfunction within California’s sprawling community college system. 

Special Deal, The Washington Monthly, July/August 2013 cover story on a small group of doctors who have de facto control over one of the biggest spending accounts in government. (Highlighted on The Best of Journalism and Longform.) 

He Who Makes the Rules, The Washington Monthly, March/April 2013 cover story on Dodd-Frank’s slog through the rule-making process. (Called ”the most important piece of public policy journalism that has appeared anywhere since Charlie Savage’s first dispatches in the Boston Globe…”); Listed on Longform’s Best of 2013 in Political Journalism and Bloomberg News’ “2013 Jealousy List.”

Dispatches from Georgia, New York Times’ Latitude Blog; various entries April-July 2012 

Power Ballad: A Dispatch from Eurovision in Baku, Azerbaijan, Foreign Policy, May 2012

Friended: Qatar’s Perplexing Geostrategy, The New Republic, November, 2011 

Libya’s Revolution TV The, October, 2011 

The Eleventh Hour The New Republic, May 2011

Our Own Apocalypse Now World Hum, Summer 2011; anthologized in Best Women’s Travel Writing 2012 and an honorable mention in Best American Travel Writing 2012 

Divided We Stand The New Republic, April 2011 

Boca on the Black Sea The Atlantic, March 2011 

In Yemen, a Wary Alliances of Students and Tribes February, The 

Cairo It Ain’t (A Dispatch from Yemen) Foreign Policy, February 2011 

Among the Thugs in Yemen The, February 2011 

And if you’re really lookin’ for something special, there’s plenty more stuff herehere, here, here, here, and here.